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Naukri Mitra offers the best caretaker service for your loved ones. Our experienced and compassionate caregivers provide top-notch elder care and home nursing services. Contact us today!

Our Services

Compassionate Care for Life

Senior Care

Need a trustworthy caretaker for your elderly family member? naukri Mitra provides professional and compassionate senior care services to give you peace of mind.

Senior Therapy

Trust naukri Mitra for all your senior therapy needs. Our experienced caretakers provide personalized care and support for your loved ones. Learn more about our services now!

Medical Check

Get professional medical check-ups in the comfort of your own home with naukri Mitra's Home Nurse service. Stay healthy and safe with our experienced nurses.

Homecare Visit

Get professional home nurse services with naukri Mitra. Our experienced nurses provide personalized care in the comfort of your own home.

Personal Caretaker In Hospital

Looking for a personal caretaker in the hospital? Look no further! Naukri Mitra provides reliable and compassionate caretakers to assist you or your loved ones during their hospital stay.

Special Care

Naukri Mitra offers special care services for individuals in need. Our team of dedicated professionals is here to provide personalized support and assistance.

Elderly Exercise Ideas to Help Improve Mobility

Improve mobility in the elderly with our expert caretaker team at Naurkri Mitra. Explore a range of exercise ideas designed to enhance strength and flexibility. Start improving mobility today!

Why Our Elderly Care Team is the Best Option for You

Trust Naukri Mitra for all your elderly care needs. Our experienced team is committed to providing the highest quality care and support for your loved ones.


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Positive Reviews From Our Customers

I recently had the pleasure of using the home care service provided by Naukri Mitra, and I must say, I was extremely impressed. The level of care and attention to detail that they provided was outstanding. The staff were friendly, professional, and went above and beyond to ensure that my needs were met. I would highly recommend Naukri Mitra to anyone in need of home care services. They truly provide great service.
Muskan Malik
School Teacher
I recently had the opportunity to try out the Caretaker Service Naukri Mitra, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations. The level of care and attention provided by the caretakers was exceptional. They were not only skilled and knowledgeable but also compassionate and understanding. They went above and beyond to ensure the well-being and comfort of the individuals under their care. I highly recommend the Caretaker Service Naukri Mitra for anyone in need of reliable and top-notch caretaker services.
Ritesh Bhargav
Company CEO
I highly recommend Elderly Care Service Naukri Mitra for anyone in need of reliable and trustworthy care for their elderly loved ones. The staff at Naukri Mitra are not only hardworking, but they are also highly trusted individuals who provide the best service possible. I have personally experienced their dedication and commitment to providing excellent care, and I can confidently say that they are a great place to hire elderly care services.
Rama Sharma