In the hassle of life, driving is considered to be the most crucial part of it. To reach from one place to another whether you want to hang out with your friends, family or tick that to-do list of meetings in a day. Great driving skills would take you places with ensured safety on those crowded roads of cities. The busy lifestyle, crowded roads has to be for you to hire home driver services in Lucknow. 

The overwhelming situation of such cities can be a lot of stress for a professional who wants to reach the office early or go home and rest after the buzz of the whole day. 

The most basic yet important factor in driving is alertness, a expert driver is one who knows driving with alertness because the situation outside is sometimes unpredictable. So, hiring a personal driver services in Lucknow is a good choice.


Naukri Mitra is a place offering assistance to families and professionals in relieving their load of domestic work like cooks, nurses/caretakers, babysitters/nannies or drivers. 

We stand by our promise in assisting you in domestic tasks by having a team of professional expert drivers who not only know how to drive safely but are also aware of many routes in the city to drop you at your destination. 

To not stop here, we offer part-time and full-time driving services to families for daily purposes and to professionals for commercial purposes. Moreover, Naukri Mitra will be at your service if you wish to learn car driving as we have partnered with Bhumi driving schools which is one of the leading service providers in India. Naukri Mitra is a one-stop solution for all problems related to travelling and driving. We are just one call away.


If you are someone who is a wanderer and loves to party then a personal driver to assist you at any time of the day or night would let you enjoy your day and for that matter personal driver service in Lucknow by contacting Naukri Mitra can be your option. 

Or if you want an expert and trusted driver to drop and bring back your kids from school then your part-time driver is something you are looking for.


Why hire Naukri Mitra drivers?


So you might be thinking that why trust Naukri Mitra part-time or full-time driving services when there are more options around? We understand your query and piled up key points, keep reading.


  • Verified workers: Naukri Mitra has hired professionals with experience in the related field. We check the database before hiring anyone and consistently keep track to avail you of trustworthy and safe service as we promise.


  • Connect with workers: If you are willing to have a talk with the driver before hiring them then it is possible because we understand your concerns. You have a chance to directly connect with them and then hire.


  • Flexible process: Naukri Mitra believes in reducing the hustle-bustle so the process is flexible as per your convenience. It is totally up to you if you want a part-time or a full-time driver to assist you. Furthermore, the process is easy and trusted as in case of any queries you can connect with us anytime.


Final word –


Since you are reading this we recognize what you are looking for. With the aim of helping individuals in domestic tasks reduce their burdens, we also provide jobs to people who are passionate to work. Our vision is to help the economy in the near future by availing services and providing employment to individuals.